Quick update – bulk

The bulk in terms of weight and expense was ordered today. 20 10000mah batteries (18 will be used) and a 2 foot section of .250 wall 6.750 OD section of cast acrylic. The main housing of all the electronics and batteries… And some fancy acrylic glue (solvent if you use too much) Once the battery

04 Apr 2014

It’s not a weapon system!

So the main component that turns the light up fireman costume (aka Rave Rescue Worker) into the RAVE GOD is the “air tank” that doesn’t actually hold air.. Layer 1 = connectors (DB 25, “remove before rave” lockout/tag out pin, charging, Aux 1 for suit lighting, other?) Layers 2-5 (or 2-3*) will be batteries arranged

05 Mar 2014
3V rainbow LED+tape = test

Etching PlexiGlass is a success so far (see video)

just a quick update on my attempts at etching Plexiglass via mechanical abrasion (diamond bit) and a blinking LED

02 Mar 2014

Waiting on parts…

Recently acquired: 5″ diameter galvanized chimney pipe (reflector for ccfl’s)  Lexan sheet (bracing and top of rave puck) Ordered: Circle cutter (to make the internal structure and end caps of air tank, and for covers for rave pucks) 25 1/3AA nimh cells at 300mah a piece (should give me 1 hour of use per rave

18 Feb 2014

Rough Sketches of Rave Puck Surfaces

I am making 2 rave pucks that will be attached via magnets to my costume at the knees*.  I drew up some sketches today and thought I’d share. *=tentative.  

02 Feb 2014

Rave Puck running off 5Volt regulator – Success

I had purchased 1 of these  Super El’ Cheapo LED lights with the thoughts that the analyzer inside must run off 5 volts and I should be able to modify it. Well Sure enough upon opening it up I found 2! terminals where it was outputting 4.85 volts (aka I could probably feed in 5

28 Jan 2014
Side view of helmet that chief stuffs got to go.

LED’s for helmet + Helmet arrived

I ordered a helmet off Ebay (didn’t intend to win the auction because I offered a dollar amount I thought was low enough I wouldn’t win the “best offer” clause, oh well It arrived and is pretty sweet.  The helmet is in fair/OK shape but will get cleaned up and repaired as needed. I’m thinking

26 Jan 2014
holding my hat on, my head is just filled with so much uhn tiss

Halloween 2013

Much More lights and mods are coming. This is just the basic concept which will soon have a better helmet (legit/real fire fighter helmet+more lights+tank of light on back)

24 Jan 2014
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